How to disable popup-blockers.

These programs can interfere with opening video clips, bulletin boards, seeing images during tests, and accessing your course grades. Here we'll learn how to deal with them.

Most people don't know that they have one or more popup-blockers on their computer, because these programs are often anonymously included with other porgrams and even Windows updates that they download.

Hint: Hold down the Ctrl key when you try to open a clip in your course. If it opens, you definitely have a popup-blocker that's active. This probably doesn't work with all blockers, but it's a good indicator that you have one.

What are Popups?

Unwanted popups are screens that come up when you're surfing the internet. You go to one page, and an ad opens up on another page. They are often the product of spyware.

Because they're so common and irritating, popup blockers are popular.

When you click on a link to intentionally open a web page in a new window, you are requesting a wanted popup. You do that many times while taking your online course. The problem is that most popup-blockers interfere with wanted and unwanted popups. For that reason, they need to be turned off while you're taking your course.

How do you turn them off? First you have to find them. Here are some of the common ones:

AOL9 Software includes a popup-blocker. Please see our note on how to turn it off.
Click on the Tools button and choose Internet Options (If you have IE6, choose Tools from the menu and then Internet Options). Click on the Privacy tab and un-check the box labelled "Turn on the popup blocker".
The easiest way is to turn off FireFox's popup blocker while you are taking your course, but it is configurable and you can allow popups from sites you specify through the Exceptions button. The site you want to allow is
Look for the button labelled Pop-Up Blocker. Click on it to turn it on and off.
Yahoo SearchBar is now included in ShockWave. If you have it as part of Internet Explorer, please see our note.
The Google Toolbar is an add-on for Internet Explorer. If you have it, click on the Blocking Popups button and it will change to Site Popups Allowed.
If you have installed Service Pack 2, then you have a popup-blocker in Internet Explorer. To turn it off, click on Tools in the menu, then click on Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab and uncheck Block Popups.
The McAfee Internet Security Suite has a popup blocker and it's part of "Privacy Services" and needs to be off while you're taking your course.
Bellsouth's Fast Access DSL has a popup blocker and here is how to turn it off.
There is a popup blocker in this software and it interfered with a student's exams opening. Uninstall this software through Control Panel, Add and Remove Programs.
Norton's Internet Security has a popup-blocker and here's how to turn it off.


There may be other popup blockers out there. This list covers the ones we know of so far. If you've found another, please report it.

Spyware, installed on your computer, is the source of most unwanted popups, and using popup blockers only treats the symptom, and not the problem. Anti-spyware programs like SpyBot, AdAware, and Microsoft's new Windows anti-spyware program are all useful for removing spyware from your computer.